Google Easter Eggs

Google Easter Eggs

We have listed below the easter eggs that Google has hidden on the search results pages since its establishment. Some easter eggs are no longer current, but you can view old ones on the site created by Google fans.

Google in 1998

To see Google’s 1998 design, type in Google and search for “Google in 1998”.

Google in 1998

Do a barrel roll

You will see that the search result page you search for by typing “do a barrell roll” flips a few turns.

Google Gravity

Previously, there was an easter egg where the objects on the page fell down when “google gravity” was searched on Google. This feature has been removed, but you can view it again via this link.

Google Gravity

Thanos Snap

Clicking on Thanos’ glove, which Google added to the search results pages after the last movie of Avengers, deleted half of the results on the page. Google has removed it now, but you can check it out on this link.

T-rex Runner (Dinosaur Game)

When the internet connection is lost on Google Chrome, a text indicating that there is no internet connection and a dinosaur image appears on the screen. When you press the spacebar, you start the running dinosaur game.

Google T-rex Runner

Zerg Rush

One of Google’s old easter eggs, the query “zerg rush” is a game that has you battling with the letters “o” invading the results listed. You can review it on

Google Zerg Rush