Semrush Keyword Strategy Builder

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Semrush’s AI-powered feature, Keyword Strategy Builder, streamlines the keyword research process. The tool clusters keywords and explores related topics.

Keyword research and gap analysis are typically time-consuming tasks, often taking hours. With Semrush’s AI assistant, collecting keywords on any topic becomes much faster, saving valuable time.

How Keyword Strategy Builder Works

Enter five seed keywords in the text area related to your research topic, and generate a comprehensive list.

SEMRush keyword strategy builder starting page

Topical Overview

The tool generates keywords for both pillar pages and subpages.

Semrush keyword strategy builder topical overview page

You can create pages using the suggested keywords generated by the Semrush Keyword Strategy Builder.

Semrush keyword strategy builder cluster detail

Pages Details

Additionally, you can view all pillars, subpages, and keywords in list mode.

Semrush Keyword Strategy Builder Details Page