Web Page Cache on Google

Google Web Cache

To view a web page’s cache on Google, use the cache: operator. On the cache image, you can view the date the page was last cached, the full version of the page, the text-only version, and the cached resource.

How to View Google Cache Image of Page?

By adding the cache: operator to the beginning of the page’s URL, the Google cache image is reached. If a change has been made to the page after the date the cache image was taken, this change will not be reflected in the cache image taken before the change.


Google Cache Full Version

The Full Version cache shows the image of the page visible to the user in the Google cache.

Google Cache Full Version

Google Cache Text Only Version

In the text-only version, it shows the cached version of the HTML image of the page that is not painted with CSS.

Google Cache Text Only

Google Cache View Source

Displays the cached image of the page’s source codes in the view source version.

Google Cache View Source

Cache Image of Pages Listed on SERP

In the results listed on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), you can click the cache button in the pop-up that opens when you click on the 3 dots next to the results and examine the image of the page in the Google cache.

Google SERP Cached

How Often Does Google Cache Pages?

The frequency with which Google crawls and caches pages may vary depending on domain authority and page authority. If the authority of the page is high, Google may visit the page more often and update its cached image.

If a change has been made on the page, for example, if the content on the page has been updated or an additional field has been created, Google may not see this change immediately depending on the crawl frequency, and this may take time. This is where the crawl budget and crawl depth issues come into play.

Every Page May Not Be Cached

Google may not have cached every page, or if the page has just been added, the page may need some time to be cached.

If a page is not cached by Google, when it is examined with the cache: operator, the following page is encountered.

Google 404 Page