What is Google SafeSearch?

Google SafeSearch

Google SafeSearch is a Google feature that allows the filtering of obscene and violent results in search results. According to the queries made when the safe search is turned off, you may also encounter violent and obscene content (images, videos).

SafeSearch Usage Purposes

  • For personal accounts and browsers,
  • For children’s supervised devices and accounts using the Family Link app,
  • For workplaces, school devices, and networks.

SafeSearch only works on Google search results. When you enable this feature and use other search engines you may see unfiltered results.

How Google SafeSearch Works?

Although SafeSearch does not work 100%, a few filters it missed can be ignored.

The safe search may miss the meaning of a word, or words that come at the beginning or end of the query word, with varying meanings, but this number is quite low when looking at the total. Because the safe search filters out too many results.

In the case of the safe search, the results to be filtered are obtained in the queries made and the results related to the search query are listed.

How to Active SafeSearch?

Click on the link below and turn on the switch in the upper right part of the page that opens.


SafeSearch On

When safe mode is turned on, the message stating that it is open appears in the upper right part of the search results page.

Note: Matt Cutts developed the first version of the SafeSearch build.