Okunabilirlik (Readability)


Websites are constantly producing content for blog posts and product promotions, but what are the readability rates of these contents?

Content can be optimized in accordance with SEO strategy, but content should not be created purely for SEO purposes.

There are multiple ways to increase content readability;

Expertise on Produced Content

The content created should be useful and of high quality to the readers, the creator of the content should have sufficient knowledge about the content. Website visitors do not read articles that are created without sufficient knowledge and that makes them feel amateurish.

Visualizing Content

Paragraph-long text can intimidate users and drive them off the page. The use of interesting images and videos related to the subject will increase the readability of the content.

Readability Content Visulation

Avoiding Spelling Errors

Mistakes made in matters such as punctuation, spacing and spelling can disturb the reader and cause them to leave the page.

The Integrity of Meaning

The integrity of the meaning in the text is very important for the transfer of the subject. There should be no semantic gaps between paragraphs.

If you are going to translate your content into a foreign language, try to stay away from automatic text translators, automatic translators may not translate the language as well as a native language user. Meaning shifts in the text make the text look unprofessional, which reduces readability.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing

Related words with high search volumes can be used in the content, but keyword stuffing should be avoided.

The same words should not be used over and over again for SEO purposes.

Paragraph Length

Overly long paragraphs can reduce the readability of the article, so keep the paragraphs short and concise for readability. Use subheadings and publish by dividing the texts into topics.

Item List

Users are more inclined to click and read itemized content. For example, content such as “10 Free Tools for SEO” attracts users more.

Page Design

The page on which the content is published should not make it difficult for the user to read and should not tire the eyes;

  • Fonts and theme colors that make it difficult to read should not be used,
  • Attention should be paid to the gaps and alignments on the page,
  • The font size used on the page should not be used in a font size that is too small or too large for users to read, on average, 14-18px can be used.