Automatically Update WordPress Plugins


Why Should You Keep WordPress Plugins Up-to-Date?

You need to keep the plugins you use in WordPress up to date. As plugins are updated, new features may be added to the plugin, security issues or bugs may be fixed, so it is recommended to always keep plugins up to date.

If these updates are done manually, it can be difficult to follow the updates according to the number of plugins, instead you can put the plugins in automatic update mode.

Turning On WordPress Automatic Update Mode

Go to the Plugins page in the WordPress panel and click the “Enable automatic updates” button on the right side of each plugin. You can disable this feature by clicking the “Disable automatic updates” button again.

WordPress Enable Auto Updates

You can activate all of the add-ons or the automatic updates of the add-on you choose, depending on your preference.

Enabling Automatic Updates of Plugins via functions.php

You can enable automatic updates of all plugins with the filter below.

add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );