Dark Reader Extension (Dark Mode)

Dark Reader

Dark Reader is a browser plugin that provides the dark mode feature in web browsers.

While using a computer, the white light on the screen tires the eyes of the users a lot. In general, since not every website has a dark mode feature, you can activate the dark mode on websites with the Dark Reader browser plug-in, and adjust the brightness and contrast.

More than 3 million users use the open source browser plug-in developed since 2014.

You can use popular websites such as Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, Google Search, Wikipedia and Twitter and even more in dark mode.

Enable Dark Reader

Filter Area

Dark Reader

You can activate the plugin with the on-off buttons in the upper area of ​​the plugin window.

Likewise, you can switch between the dark mode and white background options of the plugin with the dark-light buttons.

You can dim or increase the background brightness of the browser from the Brightness area.

You can change the contrast settings of the page in the contrast field.

You can adjust the sepia tone from the sepia area.

You can also change the tones of the page from the grayscale area.

After making the above settings, you can define the settings you have chosen for certain pages with the “only:domain.com” field at the bottom of the plugin window.

Site List Area

Dark Reader  Dark Reader

In the site list area, there are 2 tabs as “Invert listed only” and “Not invert listed”. When “Invert listed only” is selected, the plugin works on the pages in the list. When the “Not invert listed” tab is selected, the plugin works on all pages except this list. But for the plugin to work, one of the 2 tabs must be selected.

More Alanı

Dark Reader

The plugin has other additional features besides dark mode and color tone settings;

In the More tab, there are also font changes (it works when the cross (x) sign on the left of the font selection area is replaced with a tick (✓) sign) and font thickness options.

However, there are also theme modes;

Filter+ : When selected, this theme preserves color saturation and uses GPU.

Static : Creates a simple and fast look. Moreover, it also allows manipulating with CSS. In this way, you can intervene in the design of the page.

Dynamic: Creates an image by analyzing colors and images.

Dark Reader Compatible Browsers

Dark Reader Google Chrome

The add-on can be actively used in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Open Source Dark Mode Plugin

Since the plugin is open source, you can also access the source code of the plugin from the link https://github.com/darkreader/darkreader on Github.

Finally, if you are using the dark reader plugin, you can donate to the developers via the link https://opencollective.com/darkreader.

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