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How To Get WordPress Featured Image and Display?


Use the_post_thumbnail(); function to call featured images (featured Image) on the pages created during theme development in WordPress infrastructure.

Basic Post Thumbnail Display

the_post_thumbnail(); with the function, the post image can be displayed on the page in the simplest way.


Display Cropped Post Thumbnail Sizes

While calling the page image, you can call it to the page within certain size patterns. the_post_thumbnail() to specify the dimensions of the images; You can use thumbnail, medium, medium_large, large, full or shop_thumbnail, shop_catalog, shop_single size patterns that come with Woocommerce within the function.

NOTE: add_image_size(); With the function, a custom visual dimension pattern can be created. This pattern is also the_post_thumbnail(); you can use in the function.

/* WordPress Default Sizes */

the_post_thumbnail ('thumbnail'); // Cropped 150x150
the_post_thumbnail ('medium'); // Cropped at Maximum 300 Pixels Width
the_post_thumbnail ('medium_large'); // Cropped at Maximum 768 Pixels Width
the_post_thumbnail ('large'); // Cropped at Maximum 1024 Pixel Width
the_post_thumbnail ('full'); // Image Uploaded Size

/* Sizes with Woocommerce */

the_post_thumbnail ('shop_thumbnail'); // Cropped 180x180
the_post_thumbnail ('shop_catalog'); // Cropped at Maximum 300 Pixels Wide
the_post_thumbnail ('shop_single'); // Cropped at Maximum 600 Pixels Wide