What is a LAN (Local Area Network)?

Local Area Network

LAN : Local Area Network

LAN (Local Area Network), that is, Local Area Connection, as the name suggests, is simply an internet network created by a group of computers by sending data to each other in the local environment.

What Makes a LAN Connection?

In general, it is formed by connecting devices that are physically in the same environment to each other. Devices connected to each other in the home and office are examples of LAN connection.

How Does a LAN Work?

A LAN connection usually connects devices within the network using ethernet, wifi, or both. Ethernet connection is a protocol that creates a physical connection using an ethernet cable. Wifi is a protocol that creates a connection using radio waves.

Servers, computers, printers, IoT devices and game consoles can be connected to LANs. Offices also often use a local area network connection to provide shared access to printers and servers.