Google Sheets =CONCATENATE Function

Google Sheets Concatenate

The =CONCATENATE() function is used to combine data in different cells on Google Sheet.

Inside the =CONCATENATE() function, you can combine the data in the cells by adding a semicolon between the cells to be included.


Google Sheets Concatenate Function

Note: The =CONCATENATE() function differs for different languages.

With the =CONCATENATE() function, words and sentences can be combined, as well as combining data in cells.

=CONCATENATE("This"; " "; "is"; " "; "a"; " "; "Google"; " "; "Sheets"; " "; "example!")

Google Sheets Concatenate

Example =CONCATENATE Function Sheet

You can reach the sample file page for the =CONCATENATE function by clicking the button. You can copy the opened spreadsheet and work on it yourself.