What Are the Meanings of CC and BCC in Email ?

Cc & Bcc

What are the Cc (Carbon Copy) and Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) settings, which are very used when sending mail?

CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients can be added, which appear on the right when the mail text and subject are prepared and the recipient (To) is specified.

The working logic of the CC and BCC concepts applies equally to Google Gmail and Microsoft Hotmail.

What is CC?

The Cc field, which stands for Carbon Copy, is generally used for the people to be informed as well as the person to whom the mail will be sent while sending the mail. For example, in the mail to be sent to person A, people B and C can also be added to Cc to be informed.

What is BCC?

The Bcc field, which stands for Blind Carbon Copy, is one of the fields for adding contacts during mail sending.

When sending mail, it is used for the person to whom the mail will be forwarded and the person to whom the mail will be sent by hiding it from the people added to the Cc.

People added to Bcc cannot see the people added to other Bcc when the e-mail reaches them. For example, if a company’s promotional e-mail is to be sent to more people, all the people to whom the e-mail will be sent are added to Bcc. The use of Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) is the right choice, as the people in the mail do not need the others in the mailbox.

For example, if B and C contacts are added to Cc to be informed in the mail to be sent to person A, person D can be added to Bcc so that it is hidden from people A, B and C.

Note: Since the person added to Bcc is hidden in the sent mail, people in Bcc cannot see the feedback mail while returning.