What is Google reCAPTCHA?

Google reCAPTCHA

You can protect your website from spam attacks or any automatic external attack with reCAPTCHA, the first version of which was released on May 27, 2007, and is constantly updated and developed.

Google reCAPTCHA, which provides protection against threatening bot software on the Internet, is used on more than 4 million websites around the world.

Google reCAPTCHA Benefits

  • It provides protection by distinguishing between real users and software bots and improves on bot detection with machine learning.
  • It prevents the creation of fake users on the site.
  • The publication of harmful links within the site.
  • Shopping with stolen credit cards.
  • Accounts from being stolen.

Google reCAPTCHA Versions


In V2, it tests whether the users coming to the site are bots. It presents several images to the users and asks them to choose among these images according to the clue given. As a result, if the user makes the right choices, reCAPTCHA decides that the user is not a bot.
Google reCAPTCHA v2


As with V2, one-time verification is not suitable for every use. ReCAPTCHA V3 does not use interactive testing, but scores risky traffic instead.

V3 does not interrupt users with tests on the site. It informs the website owner about risky traffic on the panel with risk analysis. It blocks risky email login attempts, spam posting, and fake account requests.

How does reCAPTCHA V3 Work?

The script code added to the website tracks what Google reCAPTCHA bots do on the website. It both blocks risky and harmful bots and displays risky traffic on the reCAPTHA panel.

ReCAPTCHA’s adaptive risk analysis engine receives various signals from interactions on the site. It estimates the probability that incoming requests are from bots. It works on this foundation by dealing with how humans and bots interact with websites. With ReCAPTCHA V3, you can keep your website secure without engaging users.