What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?


SSL (Secure Socket Layer), meaning in Turkish, is an internet security protocol based on Secure Sockets Layer encryption. It was developed by the Netscape company in 1995 to ensure confidentiality, authentication and data integrity. SSL is the forerunner of the modern TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption system used today.

Regulates web page URLs that are SSL HTTP to HTTPS.

In simple terms, SSL encrypts the data and prevents it from being easily accessed, when anyone wants to access the data, they encounter encrypted data and it is not an easily decipherable encryption system, so the security of websites is increased with SSL.

Importance of SSL Certificate

SSL certificate should be used against the threat of stealing credit card information on e-commerce sites. At the same time, since the issue is security, search engines also recommend the use of SSL certificates, and the use of SSL also plays an important role in terms of SEO.

SSL Certificate Types

Single Domain SSL : Single domain SSL certificate is valid only on 1 domain and does not affect subdomains. (Example: juniortoexpert.com)

Wildcard: It is similar to single domain SSL, the only difference is that it is valid for subdomains as well. (Example: abc.juniortoexpert.com, juniortoexpert.com).

Multi-Domain SSL: Multiple domains can be encrypted.