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WordPress 5.9 Featured

Wordpress 5.9

WordPress 5.9 version released on January 25 2022.

Fourth default WordPress theme Twenty Twenty‑Two has come with this version. Twenty Twenty-Two is first default block theme in WordPress history.

Building website with block theme reduces the need for coding. Along with the WordPress 5.9 block theme, it offers visualization in color, font settings and page templates.

Page builder plugins such as Elementor and WPbakery, which are popular on WordPress, are widely used by those who do not know coding or who want to create a site quickly. Now WordPress has started to bring the page builder system by default.

The block theme system can also be considered as the next step in the Gutenberg editor interface for WordPress.

Navigation Bar

With version 5.9, the block navigation bar was made available in the Twenty Twenty-Two theme by default. Block navigation is responsive according to screen sizes.

Better Block Controls With WordPress 5.9

WordPress 5.9 features new typography tool, flexible layout control, spacing and borders tools help to get the desired image.

Patterns Types

WordPress 5.9 Block Pattern Types

  • Featured
  • Footers
  • Headers
  • Query
  • Pages
  • Buttons
  • Columns
  • Gallery
  • Text

Wordpress 5.9 Block Patterns

Revamped List View

List View enables drag and drop content creation. Complex simplifies document management.

Gallery Block

A separate style can be applied to each image on the gallery block.

WordPress 5.9 for Developer

Multiple Stylesheets Per Block

Keeping used and unused CSS files on a website in a single style file increases the load on the page and can negatively affect page performance.

With the block theme that comes in the new version of WordPress, it is possible to add a separate style file for each block.

With this change, only the style files of the blocks on the page will be loaded on the page.

The fact that a separate style file will be loaded for each block and the required style will be called will prevent unnecessary load on the page. A more optimized structure will also positively affect page performance.

The use of block script is not yet included in WordPress, but it is among the future plans.