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Is HTML Tags Used Correctly?

HTML Etiketleri Ne Kadar Doğru Kullanılıyor?

Each of the tags used in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) architecture has been created to serve a purpose, and web browsers read these tags, turn them into visuals and present them to users.

So how much attention is paid to the use of the right HTML tag in the right place when creating websites?

<div> and <p> Tags for Content

In some websites, the <div> tag has been used instead of the <p> (paragraph) tag created for the content area in the page. Although the same results are presented to users visually in both uses, the situation is not the same for search engines.

Specifying an Address

The <div> tag is generally used to specify an address on websites, since the <address> tag was created for this purpose, it would be more accurate to use this tag when specifying an address.

Heading Tags

Do HTML Tags Used Correctly

Of the heading tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6) used to indicate the main heading and subheadings on the page, more than 1 h1 tag is used, since each page needs only 1 h1 tag, it would be wrong to use more than 1 tag.

Location of Script Tags

Since the Javascript codes used in the <script> tag create a heavy load for web pages due to its structure, the location where it is used in the HTML structure also affects the site performance.

It can delay the first loading moment of the site when it encounters Javascript codes while the browsers read the website codes and create an image for the user. Therefore, it is best to use <script> tags at the bottom of the page, unless they are mandatory.