Disavow Backlink in Search Console

Disavow Backlink

Your site may link to malicious illegal or spam sites for an attack block these links with the link blocking tool (backlink disavow link).

Links from illegal, spammy links or poor sites can negatively affect your website’s authority and SEO performance, causing you to lose rankings on Google. Block these links with the Google Disavow link tool.

Note: Be careful when using this tool, do not remove helpful links to your website.

Open the disavow backlink tool for manually blocking spam backlink sites.

The opened page will make you select the Search Console property.

Disavow Google Backlink

Select the property then the upload button will appear.

Upload Google Disavow Backlinks

The file containing the links to be blocked must be a .txt that meets the following conditions;

  • Add a domain or URL to each line. You cannot completely block a subcategory or path. Example: example.com/en
  • Use the “domain:” prefix to disavow a domain or subdomain. Example: domain:example.com or test.example.com
  • The file extension must be .txt.
  • The maximum URL length can be 2048 characters.
  • The maximum file size can contain up to 100,000 lines (including blank lines and comment lines) and a maximum of 2MB.
  • Comment lines can be added with the # character Google ignores comments.

Example File:

# Two pages to disavow 

# One domain to disavow 
  • You can upload one listing for each Search Console property. The existing listing will replace when the new listing is uploaded.
  • To be able to upload a Disavow list, you need to be the owner of the property.
  • Rejected links will still appear in the “Links” tab in Search Console.
  • The uploaded list will only be valid for the specific property and sub-properties. If you have separate properties for HTTP and HTTPS you must upload a list for each property. The list you upload for abc.com also applies to child properties, for example, test.abc.com.

Click on the file upload button on the screen. (That appears in the image above, and upload the file you created here)

You can export the incoming links and domains from the “Links” field on Search Console and block the links you want from the downloaded list with the Google Disavow link tool.

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You can track harmful toxic links through third-party SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush.



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