Google SERP Sitelinks

Search Results Sitelinks

Sitelinks are additional links that appear under the main URL in search engine results. These links are designed to help users navigate directly to key sections of the site, making it easier to find relevant information quickly.

There are 2 types sitselinks on search engines results; organic sitelinks and ads sitelinks.

Organic Sitelinks

Sitelinks are typically displayed in a list format beneath the primary search result and can include links to important pages such as About Us, Contact, Blog, Services, and more.

How Are Sitelinks Generated?

Sitelinks are automatically generated by search engines like Google. They decide which links to display based on the site’s structure, user behavior, and search relevance.

Tips for Sitelinks

  • Creating a logical site structure (including links in the navigation bar and footer) can affect the appearance of sitelinks.
  • The structure of headings and subheadings can also affect sitelinks.
  • Page titles must be informative and compact.
  • The internal linking structure should be relevant and to the point.

Organic Sitelinks Types

In the example below, Google shows other important pages as sitelinks under the primary search result.

Google Organic Sitelinks

There is another type of sitelinks view for other pages.

Google Organic Sitelink Type 2

How To Remove Unwanted Sitelinks on SERP?

If you want to avoid any sitelink from appearing in the SERP, use the noindex tag for that page.

Note: Caution, using the noindex tag will remove the page from the SERP entirely.

Analyze Sitelinks

You can use third party tools to analyze sitelinks.

Ahrefs Sitelinks Analyze

Analyze Sitelinks on Ahrefs

Ads Sitelinks

Ads sitelinks, also known as sitelink extensions, are additional links that appear beneath your main ad text in search engine advertisements, such as those on Google Ads. These sitelinks can take users directly to specific pages on your website, improving the ad’s visibility and providing more pathways for users to find relevant information.

Ads Sitelinks

Features of Ads Sitelinks

  • You can add descriptive text to sitelinks, providing more context about the link, though this is optional.
  • Sitelinks can be scheduled to appear during specific dates or times, which is useful for seasonal promotions or time-sensitive offers.