Google RankBrain Algorithm

Google Rankbrain

Google RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system that studies how words relate to concepts. It is a system that will understand that the searched words are related to the content, even if the content on the web pages does not include all the queries that users search for.

RankBrain was released on October 26, 2015 and is the first deep learning system of the smarter ranking system RankBrain Google Search.

How RankBrain Works?

Humans can instinctively understand what a word is about, but for computers it’s a bit more complex. With this structure, Google is working on connecting users’ queries with real-world concepts and understanding them more broadly.

Users search Google with a huge number of new queries every day. According to the data provided by John Mueller, this rate is 15% of all queries.

This rate is quite high, and the RankBrain system works to make sense of these queries in advance and what results users want to see on Google search.

Do You Need Optimization For RankBrain?

John Mueller says RankBrain doesn’t need an optimization and doesn’t affect Crawl Budget.

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