Search Console Custom RegEx Filter


While filtering in Search Console, you can do a wider filtering with the Custom (regex) field.

Filtering Steps with Search Console Custom RegEx

Click the “+ New” button and select the “Query…” field.

Search Console Filter by Query

In the window that opens, choose “Custom (regex)” from the options and enter the RegEx structure in the space written “Input a regular expression (regex)” and click the “APPLY” button.

Filtering Format with RegEx

.*seo.*|.*search engine optimization.*

The queries to be searched should be written between two (.*) and each query expression should be separated by a vertical line (|). When “Matches regular expression” is selected, results containing these queries are shown, and when “Does not match regular expression” option is selected, results that do not contain these queries are shown.

Search Console Filter by Query Custom Regex

In the filtering made using the RegEx structure, the data is listed by including the other queries in which the queries are included. Using this filtering method, you can separate traffic from brand and non-brand words.