What is Cloaking?


Cloaking is a manipulation technique to show different content to the user on the search engine and drive traffic to the page. Cloaking is not a correct technique for search engine optimization. The website loses its credibility when it misleads the user on the SERP, and the user cannot reach the desired result when user comes to the page, and cloaking causes a loss of authority to the site. Cloaking is a technique that Google and other search engines do not want and sees as spam.

Cloaking examples;

  • It is a cloaking situation when the user clicks on a search result related to hotel reservation and encounters betting content.
  • While showing words or content to search engine bots, it is also cloaking to not show them to the user who comes to the page and hide them.

Considerations for No Cloaking

  • Make sure that the content (video, image, text) on the page is accessible to users.
  • If your site has been hacked, hackers can use the hiding technique so that you do not realize that you have been hacked on your site, Google may show that your website has been hacked as a warning in the search results.
    Google Hacked Warning

Google’s Video About Cloaking

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