What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content

Content types that will never lose their importance are called evergreen content.

For example, while the content produced about a traffic accident or a momentary event in any region will lose its importance after a while, a 10-item list that will increase the focus while working at home will always remain up-to-date. Since such content will not lose its timeliness, we can also call it immortal content. You can drive more traffic to the website with high quality content.

Evergreen Content Types

Evergreen content can be of more than one type; It can be text, image, video or a social media post.

  • How To Contents
    Example: How to Tie a Tie?
  • Application/Practice Contents (Contents presented with experience and research)
    Example: Driving Techniques in Snowy Weather
  • FAQ (The common questions that people always ask about.)
    Example: Where should I start the software?
    Example 2: Which Country Won the First World Cup?
  • Lists
    Example: Places to Visit in Germany
  • A Historical or Cultural Content
    Example: Why Did the Roman Empire Fall?
  • Dictionaries (Content where terms are explained in any field)
    Example: Aeronautical Engineering Terms

Evergreen Content Examples

  • While the text about the causes of the economic crisis will always be up to date, a text about the crisis that a country has experienced for a certain period of time will lose its importance after a while.
  • A landscape photo of a region can always be up-to-date, but an event photo that retains its importance in the same region for a while will lose its importance after a while.

Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

Immortal content is important for websites, the reasons that make content that is not out of date and retains its value for a long time important;

Long-Term Value Content

Content retains its value for a long time after it is prepared, and can attract new readers over time.

Consistent Traffic

Their content that is not out of date will always have regular traffic for users’ preferences. In fact, traffic routes will increase according to the offices they earn on the content pages. However, even if the content prepared for a periodical event (timely content) has high traffic for that period, the load of the content will decrease.

Evergreen Content Traffic

Timely Content Traffic


Since immortal content does not have a certain period, it can always be used actively and up-to-date.