What is Google E-E-A-T?


The concept of E-E-A-T is the evaluations in the page authority, which consists of the initials of the words Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust.

E-E-A-T (Experience), Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) are important items for page quality ranking (PQ Rating). The most important of these items is the Trust item.

The amount and type of trust depend on the page, for example;

  • Online shopping sites require a secure payment system and reliable customer service.
  • Product reviews should be honest and give opinions to other users about the product, not fiction to sell the product, organic reviews.
  • Information pages on YMYL topics should be precise and not harmful to people and society.
  • Social media posts on non-YMYL topics may not require a high level of trust. For example, the content of a post created for entertainment purposes does not carry the risk of harm.

Experience, Expertise, and Authority are important concepts for underpinning the Trust clause.

Experience It is important how much experience the creator of the content has on the subject. Content produced by people with rich personal experience is reliable. For example, from the comments made on a product for sale, you trust the comment made by the person who has bought it before. Not a review was made before purchasing the product.
Expertise The knowledge and ability of the person on the subject is important. Different topics require different levels of expertise. Do you get help from an expert mechanic for car repair or from someone interested in cars as a hobby?
Authoritativeness The proficiency of the person who created the content or the web page on the subject is important, to what extent users refer to that page or user on this subject. Most web pages do not have authority on the subject, sources are more reliable when competence is provided on the subject. For example, the government agency website is an official and authoritative resource for government affairs. Or the website of the manufacturer of a product on social media is also an authorized source.
Trust Trust is the most important item of the E-E-A-T family. If a page is not reliable, it is weak in terms of E-E-A-T even if it has experience and expertise.

Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust

As for Page Quality assessment, one or more of the following should be used for the E-E-A-T assessment:

  • What the website or content producers say about themselves: The About Us page or the profile page of the person who created the content is important. Is the web page or content creator a reliable source on the topic?
  • What others say about the website or creator: What independent reviews, news, articles, and other sources say about the website and content creator. Do independent sources prove that the page has experience, competence and expertise in the relevant subject, or do they have proof that the page is safe?
  • What’s on the page, main content, sections, and comments: With some page types, experience and expertise can be more clearly understood on the page itself. For example, on a page with a video and text on item repair, the video can show competence, and experience on the subject. It can also support the comments made by others on the page.

Note: After the concept, which was first announced as E-A-T with the Core Update released on August 1, 2019, Expertise was added on December 15, 2022, and became E-E-A-T.